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The Chocolate Lover Dawn Mellowship - The Chocolate Lover

I am Dawn Mellowship. I am an author, Reiki teacher and practitioner (it’s a Japanese energy healing system), freelance journalist, rubbish guitar player and a lover/hater of chocolate.

I hate most chocolate, it simply does not satisfy my urge for high quality cocoa. I’m tempted to ask if the manufacturer’s fancied putting some cocoa in with their sugar. I love good quality, high-cocoa, unusual, taste-bud-tingling chocolate and that’s why I’m bringing you gourmet chocolate reviews.

If it’s organic and fair trade, all the better. I’m all for cocoa beans that are free from pesticides and have involved ethical working practices. The cocoa industry is not the most socially conscious one in the world, so I’m always going to champion eco-brands above the rest. If it’s free from ‘e’ numbers and other nasties that helps too. Why adulterate the exquisite taste of cocoa with so many synthetic chemicals that the cocoa bean is not the predominant flavour? Really, why?

If you want me to review you chocolate, email me at info [a] dawnmellowship.com, but if I hate it, I won’t pretend I love it. However, everyone has their own taste and just because I do no’t love it, doesn’t mean everyone else will share my opinion.

Andy - The Chocolate HaterThe Chocolate Hater

I am Andy Chrysostomou, a Reiki teacher and practitioner, author, lover of martial arts and hater of chocolate (generally speaking). I prefer savoury foods, so if you can win me over with a chocolate offering, you know it must be good, because on most occasions I’d choose a plate of beans over a bar of chocolate. My reviews are succinct. I don’t have too much to say about chocolate.

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