L’Artisan du Chocolat Couture: Understated and elegant


L'Artisan du Chocolat produce a range of gourmet chocolates for the discerning chocolate devotee. The brand was established by Gerard Coleman who originally trained as a chef and pastry chef in Dublin, London and New York. He later headed off to Belgium to train as a chocolatier with Pierre Marcolini, indulging in his chocolate passion before returning to London and establishing the company in 2000. He opened the first L'artisan du Chocolat shop on … [Read more...]

Lindt Creation Dessert Ballotin: A disappointing dessert


Swiss chocolate company Lindt has been producing chocolate since 1845 when in a small pastry shop on Marktgasse in Zurich's old town David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his 29 year old son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann began their chocolate endeavour. The new fashion in Italy was for solid bars and the duo followed suit. Prior to this point chocolate was mainly revered in its liquid form, as a drink. The new treat rapidly became popular among the fine Zurich society. Today … [Read more...]

Masterful chocolate concoctions from Cocoa Boutique


Chocolate selections can be a cagey affair. Will you bite into that praline you cannot abide, or find that half the box is destined for the rubbish bin because you only enjoy a modicum of the selection. Not so with Cocoa Boutique who bring together world famous collections from award winning chocolatiers so your selections are freshly created, fabulously rich, decadent, varied, aesthetically pleasing and tried and tested favourites. If you don't like … [Read more...]

Leonidas: Belgian Chocolate Makers Extraordinaire


Started in 1913 by Greek-Cypriot American confectioner Leonidas Kestekides in Ghent, Leonidas produces real Belgian chocolate that is sold across the globe, with the brand priding itself on freshness, generosity and tradition. There are 350 Leonidas shops in Belgium and over 1,000 stores in around 50 countries, so Leonidas is certainly not a small niche outlet. It does, however, produce a range of delicious mouth-watering chocolates and is enjoyed … [Read more...]

Ascending the Cocoa Mountain with Scrumptious Truffles


Cocoa Mountain was established in 2006 with the aim of producing delicious, fresh and innovative chocolates. The brand relies on premium ingredients and natural flavourings, aiming to avoid artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. The chocolates are all produced by hand and are all free from gluten and suitable for vegetarians. Like many modern gourmet chocolate brands Cocoa Mountain operate in an ethically minded manner, sourcing local … [Read more...]

Rococo, chocolate eggsperts wins the taste test this Easter!


Rococo was established by Chantal Coady who followed her chocolate dream in 1983, seeking to take the stuffiness out of gourmet chocolate with a chocolate paradise, cue candyfloss pink walls and a chandelier made from sugar hanging aloft the ceiling. Chantal has produced three books about chocolate and received numerous accolades. The Wall Street Journal recognise her as the founder of the ‘New British School’ of chocolate. Chantal is committed … [Read more...]

Not Nutty for Nuts? Cue The Nut Free Chocolatier


I’m a hardened devotee of nutty chocolates but for those who seek their chocolate kick without a chunky nutty delight due to allergies or sheer dislike the Nut Free Chocolatier can cater, with ranges for children, selection boxes, after dinner mints, artisan ranges and seasonal collections. Suffering from a nut allergy the founder established the brand for those who are allergic (hence everything is made in a nut free kitchen to avoid contamination) … [Read more...]

The House of Dorchester: From dessert to coffee covered


Unsurprisingly the House of Dorchester has its roots in Dorchester, having produced chocolate creations fit for a king since 1963. The founders decided to produce their own chocolate after struggling to find top notch chocolate and as word spread about the luxury brand a team of people were required to hand produce chocolates. Today the brand still produces chocolates for the UK’s leading hotels, restaurants, shops and venues and are enjoyed across … [Read more...]

Z Chocolat: The Perfect Luxury Gift for Your Amour


What do you buy your wife/girlfriend/mother when the same old tired chocolate gifts are not cutting the mustard? Push the boat out and buy the best French chocolates (100% made in France no less) encased in a personalised engraved mahogany gift box that lasts for life. Expensive yes, but Z Chocolat answer the query "How good are your chocolates?" with a veritable banquet of accolades from "Forbes Favourite" to "Best Online Chocolatier." These beautiful … [Read more...]

Betty’s Chocolate Evokes Afternoon Tea

Bettys Chocolates

Blackcurrant ganache truffle anyone courtesy of Betty's? Prepare to get your sweet tooth sated by Betty's handcrafted Swiss chocolate couverture. Betty's have been handcrafting chocolate for over 90 years, preserving traditional skills of artistry through three generations of craft chocolatiers. The ambitious Frederick Belmont, once a penniless orphan and farmhand determinedly established one of the continent's leading chocolatiers after training … [Read more...]

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