Chocolat Lovers: Ultimate online chocolate boutique


There are a variety of online shops for chocolate devotees out there selling luxury, delicious chocolates for gourmet chocolate fans and one of these is Chocolat Lovers, stocked full of fabulous brands such as Artisan du Chocolat, Chocart, Damian Allsop, Gorvett and Stone, Paul Wayne Gregory and more. Chocolat Lovers offers a range of luxury chocolates from bars and boxed to specialist dietary and gluten free. I was lucky enough to get to sample of … [Read more...]

Loco for Cocoa Loco Brownies


Claiming to be crazy about organic chocolate, award winning artisan chocolate company Cocoa Loco was established in 2005 by young couple Sarah and Rory. Their mission was to create simple delicious confections that would leave minimal impact on the environment. Initially Sarah Payne started selling her organic homemade brownies on eBay from her home in Partridge Green but their kitchen became so full of chocolatey goodness they had to expand. Their … [Read more...]

teapigs Chocolate Tea: Chocolate fix in a tea bag


Hands up who loves their coffee fix every morning! I'm a true coffee devotee but I also love tea, probably something to do with my mother putting tea in my baby bottle to pacify me as a baby. I tend not to opt for tea though, unless it's chai and prefer unusual teas to the bog standard English Breakfast. Cue teapigs, a company making real whole leaf, with whole herbs and whole flours in beautifully aesthetic triangular mesh bags. If you think tea … [Read more...]

Marks & Spencers: Evoking creamy desserts


High street store M&S offers a range of indulgent chocolate bars such as raspberry mousse, lemon mousse, almonds and caramelised sea salt, meringue and other such goodies. They offer some Fairtrade certified chocolate goodies such as their rich chocolate truffle sauce. I decided to sample their Lemon Mousse bar and Cappuccino bar, hoping for a dessert and coffee hit in my chocolate indulgence. The lemon mousse bar has a light whipped centre … [Read more...]

L’Artisan du Chocolat Couture: Understated and elegant


L'Artisan du Chocolat produce a range of gourmet chocolates for the discerning chocolate devotee. The brand was established by Gerard Coleman who originally trained as a chef and pastry chef in Dublin, London and New York. He later headed off to Belgium to train as a chocolatier with Pierre Marcolini, indulging in his chocolate passion before returning to London and establishing the company in 2000. He opened the first L'artisan du Chocolat shop on … [Read more...]

Lindt Creation Dessert Ballotin: A disappointing dessert


Swiss chocolate company Lindt has been producing chocolate since 1845 when in a small pastry shop on Marktgasse in Zurich's old town David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his 29 year old son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann began their chocolate endeavour. The new fashion in Italy was for solid bars and the duo followed suit. Prior to this point chocolate was mainly revered in its liquid form, as a drink. The new treat rapidly became popular among the fine Zurich society. Today … [Read more...]

Organica: Dairy free and indulgent?


Geo Organics are a company serious about producing high quality organic foods ranging from curry pastes to luxury chocolate bars. Based in Shrewsbury they have been established for just under eight years and founders Mike and Tracey Batten are founders of Venture Foods, which incorporates their entire range. I used to be vegan years ago and still have a keen interest in vegan and organic products. Under scrutiny on this occasion is their golden … [Read more...]

Masterful chocolate concoctions from Cocoa Boutique


Chocolate selections can be a cagey affair. Will you bite into that praline you cannot abide, or find that half the box is destined for the rubbish bin because you only enjoy a modicum of the selection. Not so with Cocoa Boutique who bring together world famous collections from award winning chocolatiers so your selections are freshly created, fabulously rich, decadent, varied, aesthetically pleasing and tried and tested favourites. If you don't like … [Read more...]

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road Easter Egg: A Divine Treat


I've covered this luxury British chocolatier before but who can resist an Easter egg so thick you can't even break the shell? The Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg is a an Easter egg giant, literally, one half of the shell is cast from 40% cocoa house milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks, the other half is made with a layer of caramel chocolate over a base of milk chocolate. At £27, an … [Read more...]

Put the ‘ohm’ into your chocolate with Ombar


Yes, again, I am reviewing Superfood Chocolate. I just can't help myself. I am a huge fan of a number of the raw food chocolate brands and Ombar is no exception. After all, where else will you get probiotic chocolate? Ombars are produced by Mood Foods, a small company established by three friends with a penchant for healthy living, without waving farewell to chocolate. After experimentations from the delicious to the inedible they finally produced … [Read more...]

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