Chocolate becoming scarce


The world's chocolate growers are sending out the message that chocolate is becoming so expensive only the wealthy will be able to afford it. The industry has been plagued by disease and scarcity. Diseases and bad weather in the tropics this year where cacao plants flower have hit the crop badly. Witches broom and frosty pod rot cause up to US$750 million of damage per year. This year the damage will be worse, but annual demand for chocolate continues … [Read more...]

Entries open for International Chocolate Awards


Following an incredible launch year in 2012 for the International Chocolate Awards which saw rounds in Italy, USA, Canada and the UK and culminated in an awards ceremony at the FCIA conference in San Fransisco, entries are now open for the European Semi-final round of the 2013 International Chocolate Awards. Following the results of our Industry and Entrants Surveys, new categories have been added for … [Read more...]

Cadbury Dairy Milk engages Bulletproof for ‘marvellous’ chocolate bar launch


Cadbury Dairy Milk has worked with strategic brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof to create the identity and packaging for its new Marvellous Creations sub-brand which is soon to launch in the UK. The agency was tasked with collaborating on the launch which aims to disrupt category conventions whilst remaining true to the brand’s essence by Mondeléz International (then Kraft Foods). Cadbury Dairy Milk’s ambition with the launch was … [Read more...]

The Future of Chocolate


Once a Mayan superfood, around 1100 BCE, cacao was traded as precious currency, akin to the value of jewels and by the 17th century it was being sweetened by the Spanish with added sugar cane. Other European countries were keen to get in on the action and started exporting cacao trees to their colonies - Africa becoming the world's primary grower. Today cacao is no longer a sacred fruit honoured for its nutritional integrity but a candy bar loaded … [Read more...]

Belgian chocolate industry moves to protect brand


Belgian chocolate makers are meeting regional governments to decide how Belgium can apply to the EU to protect Belgian chocolates. The industry would like it's pralines to share similar protection to French champagne and would like to preserve the term "Belgian chocolate." Belgium has over 200 chocolate firms and 2000 chocolate stores and museums, tours and workshops. Source: Guardian … [Read more...]

Chocolate lovers invited to help save the world’s rainforests


A collaborative campaign between the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) and Ethical Consumer launched on 22nd March is inviting chocolate lovers to buy the most ethically rated chocolate brands. Many chocolate brands use unsustainable palm oil in their products which poses a serious threat to world's rainforests and the individuals relying on these rainforests for their livelihood. Vast areas of forest in countries such as Indonesia have been devastated … [Read more...]

Chocolate cuts risk of stroke


If you didn't need any more excuses to eat chocolate you now have another one courtesy of research published in the Journal of Neurology indicating that eating a single chocolate bar may cut the risk of stroke. Researchers at Glasgow University measured the speed of blooding circulating through the largest artery in the brain while subjects consumed chocolate lying down. The chocolate had an impact on carbon dioxide levels, in turn improving blood … [Read more...]

The Ten Best Chocolate Recipes

Venezuelan chocolate pancakes with chocolate maple syrup

So it's not really news, but I had to add the ten best chocolate recipes article courtesy of The Guardian Newspaper. My favourite from their list is below but you can check out all the recipes by following the previous link. Venezuelan chocolate pancakes with chocolate maple syrup Photograph: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian Brunch is certainly not the time to count calories. Feel free to add blueberries, nuts and sultanas to this recipe if you … [Read more...]

Eating chocolate can help relieve persistent coughs

The Chocolate Festival

Our favourite sweet treat chocolate may be a remedy for the common cough which according to research has found that a naturally occurring chemical in cocoa called theobromine reduces the symptoms of acute and chronic coughs. Around 300 people with a persistent cough participated in a clinical trial at 13 NHS hospitals throughout the UK where they were given the chemical twice a day for 14 days. The trial is not over yet but around 60 per cent … [Read more...]

Going for Gold: Rococo Chocolates


Rococo Chocolates has come away from the Academy of Chocolates Awards 2013 with four gold medals. Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo chocolates, remarked; “We are delighted to be recognised for our chocolates, especially in the year when we celebrate our 30th anniversary, and it is an honour to be awarded so many gold medals”. Along with this already impressive haul, they received a silver and two bronze medals. The chocolates awarded gold recognition … [Read more...]

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