Put the ‘ohm’ into your chocolate with Ombar


Yes, again, I am reviewing Superfood Chocolate. I just can't help myself. I am a huge fan of a number of the raw food chocolate brands and Ombar is no exception. After all, where else will you get probiotic chocolate? Ombars are produced by Mood Foods, a small company established by three friends with a penchant for healthy living, without waving farewell to chocolate. After experimentations from the delicious to the inedible they finally produced … [Read more...]

Plamil Dairy Free: A bit too bland


Plamil is a brand passionately believing in good quality food using ethical, high quality ingredients. The brand was established in the 1960s to produce an alternative to dairy milk, producing milk from plants, the original 'soya milk.' From those early years the brand has diversified considerably and won numerous awards. Plamil produces an extensive range dairy and gluten free chocolates, along with bars containing no added sugar, instead incorporating … [Read more...]

Raw chocolate can pass the taste test


Chocolate aficionados may balk at the mere concept of raw chocolate but as the raw food movement gains ground raw chocolate is becoming increasingly popular and you might have heard me mention before that I'm already a convert. Preserving the integrity of the cacao beans rather than heating them to high temperatures and destroying precious enzymes and nutrients is certainly an admirable idea, although others have argued that the heating process kills … [Read more...]

Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Factory Wins the Day

Willies Cacao Fine Chocolate

You may be familiar with Willie Harcourt’s superb cacao creations from the channel  4 TV programme documenting Willie’s somewhat Willy Wonka-esque escapade into producing perfect chocolate. The programme pursued Willie as he embarked upon his chocolate dream, investing money in a run down Venezualan farm in the rainforest and organically growing a specific type of cocoa. Willie even processes the beans to produce Britain’s first 100 per cent … [Read more...]

Conscious Chocolate: A Raw Chocolate Revelation


Gourmet chocolate is certainly no novelty with a plethora of luxury brands on the scene but raw chocolate is certainly more niche and it’s all about the temperature the cocoa is heated to in order to preserve nutritional value. Cocoa contains a large amount of antioxidants called flavonoids that are beneficial to the body don’t you know. Cocoa and dark chocolate may keep blood pressure down, reduce the blood’s ability to clot and a tiny amount … [Read more...]

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