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There are a variety of online shops for chocolate devotees out there selling luxury, delicious chocolates for gourmet chocolate fans and one of these is Chocolat Lovers, stocked full of fabulous brands such as Artisan du Chocolat, Chocart, Damian Allsop, Gorvett and Stone, Paul Wayne Gregory and more. Chocolat Lovers offers a range of luxury chocolates from bars and boxed to specialist dietary and gluten free. I was lucky enough to get to sample of their wonderful brands, so here’s the low down on a few of them.

The Organic Seed & Bean Company: Coconut and Raspberry Extra Dark Chocolate

The Organic Seed & Bean Company founded in 2005 by Stephen Rudkin sells a range of ethically produced and organic bars that are Fairtrade when possible. Stephen had been attracted to an ecological and sustainable way of life since the 1980s and his passion eventually manifested in a range of dreamy chocolate bars!

This handmade organic bar containing 66% cocoa and infused with coconut oil is smooth and creamy with a pleasantly sharp taste of raspberry that really compliments the high quality cocoa used, blending on the tongue beautifully and just absolutely lush!

White Chocolate with Lemon and Poppy Seeds

This smooth creamy chocolate is just divine and the lemon and poppy seeds combine well to make one delectable dessert in a bar. This definitely gets the thumbs up and Seed and Bean get extra brownie points for their high quality, minimally processed products. Even my mother – not a white chocolate fan – couldn’t get enough!


Gorvett & Stone: Rose & Violet Fondants

Gorvett & Stone was established by Matt & Elinor, sweet-toothed travel fanatics producing unusual and cute chocolate concepts, such as chocolate fish, along with more traditional bar shards, marshmallows and cinder toffee.

Their Rose Fondants and Violet Fondants are a pretty affair and have one Great Taste Gold Awards for their excellent quality. The dark chocolate comes through well and the rose and violet flavours. These are a real must for fans of sweet chocolates. I’m not a violet fondant fan usually, but Gorvett & Stone have certainly made these more than a palatable chocolate confection.

The Chocolate Tree: Dark Chocolate with Orange

Artisan chocolatiers The Chocolate Tree specialise in hand crafted chocolates, organic chocolate bars and Italian style ice cream. They work in small batches and try to ensure their ingredients are locally sourced and organic. They hold the accolade of being one of the first UK chocolatiers to make chocolate from the bean.

Handcrafted in Scotland, their Organic Orange bar contains 74% cocoa and is infused with orange oil and topped with orange pieces. This dark, rich smooth chocolate is a pleasure to consume. Definitely a zingy treat and dairy, gluten and nut free to boot!

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