Conscious Chocolate: A Raw Chocolate Revelation

Gourmet chocolate is certainly no novelty with a plethora of luxury brands on the scene but raw chocolate is certainly more niche and it’s all about the temperature the cocoa is heated to in order to preserve nutritional value. Cocoa contains a large amount of antioxidants called flavonoids that are beneficial to the body don’t you know. Cocoa and dark chocolate may keep blood pressure down, reduce the blood’s ability to clot and a tiny amount has been shown to demonstrate cardiovascular benefits in an Italian study. It also increases serotonin – the feel good hormone in the brain and contains various essential minerals.

The raw food movement that is currently so de rigueur focuses on raw food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as the devotees believe that cooking food depletes it of essential nutrients, something that has been demonstrated to various degrees in different scientific studies. If you feel like mustering a scoff, recent research has linked, toxic chemicals produced when food is baked, to cancer.

Raw chocolate is produced at low temperatures with natural ingredients and usually dairy and gluten free, often ditching conventional processed sugar in favour of allegedly healthier alternatives such as agave syrup and coconut nectar. It has a different taste and texture to conventional chocolate, but I’ve been a fan for some time and well Conscious Chocolate are one of the brands that I first sampled, savoured and revered!

Conscious Chocolates are raw, handmade, vegan, hand-wrapped, free from gluten, soya and refined sugars, organically certified, low GI (glycaemic index) and produced from ethically sourced ingredients.

You can expect only premium quality and wildcrafted ingredients such as agave nectar (a natural sweetener extracted from blue agave plants), pink Himilayan salt (pure and rich in trace elements essential to the body), maca (a Peruvian root vegetable rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals) and wild blue-green algae (a super food dense in minerals, amino acids and vitamins).

It might not sound appetising, but Conscious Chocolates bars are not overpoweringly sickly, the flavours are subtle and the bars melt on the tongue. It is different to conventional chocolate and some conventional chocolate devotees will no doubt baulk, but just try one more piece and I think you’ll be quickly converted.

I’ve sampled various flavours but I particularly love the refreshing taste of Mint Hint, the large sweet cherries in every bite of Cherry Christmas with just a hint of cinnamon and Love Potion No.9 (with a delicious hint of rose oil).

These chocolate bars don’t come cheap, but they are to be savoured, loved and sampled as the treat they truly are. Another five star gourmet chocolate brand for me!

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The chocolate hater says…

Conscious chocolate is raw chocolate. As it is raw chocolate it does not have the same texture or taste of chocolate. I hated the Wild at Heart Bar. I could taste raisins in the chocolate. I hate raisins and currents and sultanas so this really does not work for me. As with Wild at Heart, despite not containing raisins the overpowering taste of raisins makes this impossible for me to like. I also disliked the plain chocolate, because, well, there was a hint of raisins! So, again, I hate it!

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