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Who doesn’t like to dunk a biscuit into their coffee or tea on a regular basis and what better way to do it than with a chocolate biscuit of some variety. I’m not a fan of plain old digestive biscuits with a thin chocolate layer, preferring something light but a bit more decadent, so decided to review Daylesford’s lemon biscuits dipped in white chocolate.

Daylesford was founded by Carole Bamford who has dedicated her life to promoting sustainability, organic farming, responsibly-sourced food, holistic living and natural clothing. She promotes natural products and artisan craftsmanship and has a wide range of business interests. Daylesford was born out of Carole’s visit to an agricultural show thirty years ago and she set about converting her family’s farms into organic farms with more sustainable methods.

Carole saw the potential for producing and selling farm food locally which led to the opening of the Daylesford Organic farmshop and cafe in 2002. Daylesford has three farmshops and cafes in Gloucestershire, Pimlico Road and Notting Hill; a concession in Selfridges food hall and a virtual farmshop on The brand has received numerous accolades and awards.

Daylesford’s Organic White Chocolate Dipped Lemon Biscuits are baked by hand and then dipped in white chocolate. They are 100% organic, containing no additives or GM ingredients. They contain white chocolate, organic wheat flour, butter, sugar, palm oil, water, lemon oil, sea salt and soya lecithin. The biscuits have a wonderfully light texture and melt in the mouth. They are perfect dipped in a cup of coffee or tea and the soft lemon-flavoured biscuit is beautifully complimented by the white chocolate. They are absolutely one of my favourite biscuits – light, airy and a little bit decadent – perfect for afternoon tea! Overall I’m generally a fan of Daylesford’s ranges and these little tasty morsels are certainly no exception.

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