Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road Easter Egg: A Divine Treat

I’ve covered this luxury British chocolatier before but who can resist an Easter egg so thick you can’t even break the shell? The Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg is a an Easter egg giant, literally, one half of the shell is cast from 40% cocoa house milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks, the other half is made with a layer of caramel chocolate over a base of milk chocolate.

At £27, an indulgent and beautifully packaged treat you might expect more for your money and you certainly receive it in the form of 12 pretty chocolates. I’m even going to list them for you!

1) Cocoa pod bunny – with 40% milk chocolate.

2) Chirpy chick – milk chocolate with crushed caramel pieces and a hint of sea-salt encased in 40% milk chocolate.

3) Billionaire’s shortbread – A blend of caramel, cookies and silky praline.

4) Choc chip cookie – whole hazelnuts and cookies in milk chocolate.

5) Orange mousse – milk chocolate mousse with the refreshing zest of Valencia orange.

6) Simple white truffle – Pure vanilla white chocolate in smooth, creamy truffles.

7) Florentine Isabelle – A velvety smooth hazelnut praline contrasted with honey & almond florentine.

8) Chocolate brownie – The brownie experience recreated in smooth praline and chunky chocolate.

9) Dizzy praline – Smooth hazelnut praline.

10) Simple milk truffle – plain milk truffle.

This decadent egg is certainly indulgent with a range of contrasting flavours. I thoroughly savoured the Florentine Isabelle and as a lover of all things caramel, the Billionaire’s shortbread. The white truffle in it’s simplicity was absolutely delicious. Some were a little too sweet for the Chocolate Hater, but hey it’s Easter. He pointed out that these tasted like high-quality chocolates – an absolute exclamation of exquisiteness coming from him.

I was expecting to be bowled over by the thick chocolate shell, but I actually prefer a thinner Easter egg and the chocolates inside were superior for me. None-the-less, the chocolates are moreish indeed and Mr Hater had to wrestle the package away from me and lock it in a secluded room, mainly so he can eat them after his daily fitness routine!

A loved one would truly love this treat and it makes a change to the conventional store-bought Easter eggs.

Not every chocolate was to my personal taste but overall I was extremely impressed with this egg and I’m certain loved ones would truly welcome it as a thoughtful and luscious gift.

What is more, you can enter our competition to win one for FREE! Either enter below or on the competition page!

Chocolate Lover Rating:  

The chocolate hater says…

Well presented Easter egg with a good selection of chocolates inside. Quite tasty, but for me just a little too sweet. Very high quality chocolates though.

Chocolate Hater Rating:   


For more information and to purchase The Hotel Rocky Road Easter Egg visit Hotel Chocolat or get yourself to one of their stores.


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  1. Susan Andrews says:

    This egg looks like heaven! A few hours to my self, feet up – eating that egg….

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