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Chocolate selections can be a cagey affair. Will you bite into that praline you cannot abide, or find that half the box is destined for the rubbish bin because you only enjoy a modicum of the selection. Not so with Cocoa Boutique who bring together world famous collections from award winning chocolatiers so your selections are freshly created, fabulously rich, decadent, varied, aesthetically pleasing and tried and tested favourites. If you don’t like your box of chocolates they offer a money back guarantee, so what are you waiting for? Hit the highway to chocolate heaven.

Cocoa Boutique has racked up four Great Taste Awards and an International Chocolate Final place. Headed by Stephen and Sunn Trigg in 2007 Cocoa Boutique was born out of their frustration with quality chocolates on the UK market. With that in mind the husband and wife duo bring you chocolates from master chocolatiers who excel at their craft and pride themselves on scrumptious chocolates using fresh, high quality ingredients. This includes Barry Colenso, labelled by The Independent as the “Willy Wonka of the British chocolate industry.”

Their superior chocolates are inspired by their favourite puddings and the fruit-flavoured varieties contain real fruit rather than artificial flavourings.

Monthly tasting selections

Every month the company bring together an award winning selection for you and you decide if you want your package to arrive or not, whether it’s every month, two months or three months.

You can even apply to be a chocolate taster (entries until 31st March) as the company requires 20 chocolate tasters every month to sample their luxury chocolate for free.

The verdict on Cocoa Boutique Chocolate

As I tentatively opened the Cocoa Boutique box, peeking at a the cacophony of cocoa-robed candies within, I was surprised by the range on offer and didn’t know quite where to start, or if I should start at all – after all, they’re so picturesque.

A scoring card is included in the package so you can give your feedback to the company and chocolatiers, so I took the liberty of filling mine in and was pleased to note that the minimum rating I gave out of ten was six and nine the highest. The lower scores are purely a personal taste rather than quality consideration, the chocolates were sensational and as usual my penchant for a cocoa dusted salted caramel was duly noted. I could quite happily have every chocolate a dark chocolate salted caramel .

The chart includes a full ingredient breakdown and handy guide to which chocolates are award winners, favourites, filled with alcohol produced by Master Chocolatiers etc. It’s a nifty card, I cannot abide the boxes that don’t delineate what chocolate I am going to consuming. I like to know what I’m getting!

The chocolates were for the most part absolutely wonderful, even the flavours I don’t usually tolerate such as passionfruit (since real fruit is included) and cherry brandy (not generally a fan of alcoholic chocolates apart from champagne truffles). Overall, a roaring sensation.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing my favourites for you (the 9/10s) and as the company claim, they really are “zingy, creamy and everything a chocolate should be.” Are they 100% perfect. Nothing is ever totally perfect, but they’re definitely more than worthy of their accolades and acclaim. Even The Chocolate Hater liked them (well most of them!)

My top score Cocoa Boutique chocolates

  • Raspberry and Champagne Truffle – enrobed in real raspberry pieces, creamy, velvety and just as good as any dessert.
  • Milking Maid - a simply truffle covered in shavings, a classic.
  • Cocoa Dusted Salted Caramels – smooth caramel with a tad of salt enrobed in 72% dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa. Melt in the mouth and moreish.
  • Lemon Meringue Whip – Inspired by Catherine’s love of lemon meringue this white chocolate whip really captures the essence of it’s culinary classic namesake.
  • Stuck-in-the-Mud Marzipan – dark chocolate encasing marzipan – fabulous for all marzipan fans.
  • Praline Silver – soft, velvety praline layers topped with rich dark chocolate – who needs dessert?
  • 72% Venezualan Spots – Smoky dark chocolate buttons, a grown up twist on the childhood classic.
  • Dark Almonds – almonds are by far my favourite nut so to have them delectably enrobed in 60% dark chocolate is a welcome addition to my chocolate collection.

Chocolate Lover Rating:  

The Chocolate Hater says…

An attractive and inviting box of chocolates! Good to look at and even better to eat. Great selection – imaginative and delicious.

Chocolate Hater Rating:   


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