Organica: Dairy free and indulgent?

Geo Organics are a company serious about producing high quality organic foods ranging from curry pastes to luxury chocolate bars. Based in Shrewsbury they have been established for just under eight years and founders Mike and Tracey Batten are founders of Venture Foods, which incorporates their entire range.

I used to be vegan years ago and still have a keen interest in vegan and organic products. Under scrutiny on this occasion is their golden coconut and dark chocolate bar (think gourmet, vegan Bounty) and organic vegan hazelnut nougat and dark chocolate bar (Snickers anyone?). I was also keen to sample their vegan white bar, the dairy-free alternative to white chocolate using a non-dairy alternative to milk. This bar simply contains cocoa butter, cane sugar, rice syrup, sunflower oil, vanilla and sea salt.

The vegan coconut bar was pretty average. It didn’t blow me away and the dark chocolate didn’t have that rich, sumptuous flavour I look for. It’s something you’d grab in a hurry I guess, much like a Snickers or Bounty, rather than when you’re looking for something more delectable.

The hazelnut, nougat bar was acceptable, but the nougat was a bit hard for me. They were both ok and certainly didn’t blow me away.

I was though, pleasantly surprised with the vegan white chocolate, which can often be lacklustre. It was creamy and you wouldn’t know you weren’t eating a dairy bar if you were just presented with a piece. It has a smooth, rich, vanilla taste and is great for those who love white chocolate but cannot tolerate dairy. It’s also gluten-free and organically certified to boot.

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