Taste of Kyoto: Matcha made in heaven?

Taste of Kyoto sells a range of authentic Japanese green tea products including matcha and sencha items produced using organic green tea. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with matcha green tea, which has been touted and lauded above other green teas for its high antioxidant status and plethora of health benefits. It’s superiority is matched by its beautiful colour and taste. Unlike other oxidised green teas available, it’s nutritional integrity is preserved and matcha really is every caffeine lovers dream come true, because it’s healthy and gives you your caffeine kick.

A variety of matcha green tea chocolate bars are available in Japan, even a green tea Kit-Kat, but not so widely available here, and I couldn’t resist sampling the Matcha Latte Chocolate, tempting me with the allure of a creamy, indulgent treat that combines exceptional quality white chocolate with a hint of Japanese Matcha green tea. The ingredients are simply Belgian white chocolate, organic Japanese tea, milk and soy. Taste of Kyoto also sells premium quality matcha green tea and matcha latte tea with natural sugar and milk powder.

I’m a sucker for the chocolate bars beautiful shade of green. I have acquired a bizarre penchant for green desserts, green culinary delights, pistachios, matcha, mint. I even bothered to search Google for matcha croissants and low and behold a glorious green concoction from one of Paris’s finest patisseries produces them.

The taste of the chocolate bar is unusual, silky and melting on the tongue, but with that bitter grassy hint of matcha ever present, after all, that’s what the bar promises. It manages to metre the sweetness a little, so for those who find white chocolate too sweet, it’s a good option. I definitely welcome the addition of matcha to my chocolate bar – it’s acquired taste, subtle energy boost and, well, it’s beautiful shade of green! Sure, it’s white chocolate and it’s healthier to imbibe a cup of matcha, but why not get some extra antioxidants in your chocolate too.

Would I buy a matcha bar again? Definitely. I give Matcha Latte Chocolate a thumbs up and would love to try their other green tea delights on offer.

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For more information and to purchase Taste of Kyoto chocolates and matcha products visit www.tasteofkyoto.com

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