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Hands up who loves their coffee fix every morning! I’m a true coffee devotee but I also love tea, probably something to do with my mother putting tea in my baby bottle to pacify me as a baby. I tend not to opt for tea though, unless it’s chai and prefer unusual teas to the bog standard English Breakfast. Cue teapigs, a company making real whole leaf, with whole herbs and whole flours in beautifully aesthetic triangular mesh bags. If you think tea is just tea, think again, good tea is so far removed from the standard store offerings and teapigs notched up 13 great taste awards in 2012.

Nick and Louise established teapigs in 2006. The brand offers a range of 21 different teas (I was already a fan of their chai prior to this review) from the chilli chai to the virtuous decaffeinated options such as the liquorice and mint – winner of the coveted 3 gold stars at the 2012 great taste awards.

teapigs pay a premium price for their whole leaf teas, respect the estates their grown on, use vegetable ink on their cartons and their packaging is fully recyclable and FSC certified. Their everyday brew tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified. They take their ethics seriously supporting the Noel Orphanage in Ginsenyi, Rwanda. Donations from every pack sold are made to the orphanage, which is home to more than 600 children.

I’m huge fan of ethical brands and their organic matcha green tea stuffed with antioxidants is a revelation. Regular green teas are no match for the nutrient dense matcha tea – a ceremonial drink enjoyed by Buddhist monks for other 900 years. Their chai is also delicious and has to be my favourite brand of chai and I’ve tried quite a few. It’s also much superior to the chai’s offered in coffee shops (which are packed with additives). It makes a fabulous chai latte if you froth up your milk with a mini whisk – which they even sell on their site.

I just had to try their Chocolate Flake tea with some frothy milk and a dash of dark cocoa sprinkled on top (I consider myself an expert at homemade lattes). The tea bag has a wonderful aroma and the tea contains only black tea, chocolate chips, cocoa beans and natural flavouring. If you’re expecting a strong cocoa hit you will be disappointed, this is a more subtle, virtuous affair.

There is a hint of cocoa and a hint of vanilla. If you want it stronger simply leave the bag in longer and the flavours come through more distinctively. I dunked mine in too quickly and was left with milk and hot water initially, before reading the instructions to leave it in for at least 3 minutes. I left it in for 8 so the flavours were more intense.

It’s really rather lovely and if you want it a little sweeter I recommend adding a hint of stevia (a natural sweetener that has zero calories and doesn’t impact blood sugar levels). Why you could even indulge in a brownie with your chocolate tea and not feel guilty. Would I like more chocolate in it? Yes, indeed I would, but this tea does leave you feeling more saintly and definitely receives a thumbs up!

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For more information and to purchase teapigs teas visit www.teapigs.co.uk



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