Z Chocolat: The Perfect Luxury Gift for Your Amour

What do you buy your wife/girlfriend/mother when the same old tired chocolate gifts are not cutting the mustard? Push the boat out and buy the best French chocolates (100% made in France no less) encased in a personalised engraved mahogany gift box that lasts for life. Expensive yes, but Z Chocolat answer the query “How good are your chocolates?” with a veritable banquet of accolades from “Forbes Favourite” to “Best Online Chocolatier.”

These beautiful and perfectly encased pools of liquid chocolate goo have been savoured and succoured by country leaders, celebrities, VIPS worldwide and now me :-) since 1999 and, well…they’re very pretty, almost too pretty to eat, or even get out of the box. I didn’t know whether to eat them or frame them, but being the glutton that I aim I gobbled down the lot, yes the whole lot. I felt really sick, so it’s not a fair appraisal, but they are made from the finest cocoa beans, exceptionally pretty and heart shaped – fabulous for Valentines or your beautiful girlfriend *flutters eyelids at the bf who is suitably impressed when the postman delivers these to the neighbours who then thinks he bought them for me.*

I have to say these velvety rich celebrated chocolates are a tad too on the sickly side but creamy milk hazelnut praline coated with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate and Vanilla Bourbon caramel clad in 70% Venezuelan couverture was hard to resist.

The box it came is just as exceptional, individually handcrafted, customisable, diamond-ingraved with my name. The website even shows you the 17 step process to make the box. If that’s not enough it comes in a velvet pouch. What more could you ask for?

Chocolate Lover Rating:  (mainly for the box – it’s engraved – with my name – did I already mention that?)

The chocolate hater says…

Well presented in a mahogany box. Yes, you read correctly, a mahogany box! Expensive, luxurious and quite tasty. (<<< Also in love with the box)

Chocolate Hater Rating:  

For more information and to purchase some Z Chocolat chocolates see www.zchocolat.com .

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